Oil on hardboard

This piece was produced as a result of the ‘ephemeral’ brief set by my foundation course tutors. My response to this was a self-portrait that through motifs would symbolize the concept of ‘ephemeral’ and the ‘immortal’. The case illustrates as thus; the apple is a symbol of immortality and continuity as it’s historical and profound meaning has persisted through time and exists in an array of different cultures and continues to hold relevance. Therefore the ‘apple’ is more immortal than I will be as my entity and sentience will only continue for a short time in comparison. However the mirror behind is also a reflection of my self and becomes symbolic of technology and the internet, as even after I die, another version of myself will continue in a non-physical realm. The painting style was inspired by Paula Rego’s work and I adopted and studied her use of features and lighting to my own interest.


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